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160 x 600 AD PLACEMENT


The Ultimate Guide to the Best Smartphones Under IDR 4 Million

“Smartphone 4 jutaan terbaik” (translated to English as “the best smartphone for 4 million”) is a term used to describe the top-rated smartphones that are available for purchase at a price point of around 4 million Indonesian rupiah (IDR). These smartphones typically offer a great balance of features and performance, making them a popular choice […]

Affordable Smartphone Guide: The Best Smartphones Under Rp. 3 Million

In Indonesia, “smartphone 3 jutaan terbaik” translates to “the best smartphone for 3 million rupiah.” It refers to smartphones with the best features and specifications that can be purchased for around 3 million Indonesian rupiah, which is approximately US$200. Smartphones in this price range offer a great balance of affordability and quality, making them a […]

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Smartphones Under 2 Million

“Smartphone 2 jutaan terbaik” refers to the best smartphones priced around 2 million Indonesian rupiah (around 135 US dollars). These smartphones offer a great balance of price and features, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers in Indonesia. Some of the benefits of “smartphone 2 jutaan terbaik” include their affordability, wide range of features, […]

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